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The day seems like just another day on the job for Eddie, (a middle aged, tired of his job, kind of guy) Philadelphia police officer until he gets a call that one of his friends in his unit just got killed in a run-down crack house in the ghetto. It was his younger cousin's (who was in the same unit as Eddie, and is named Nick) partner who got killed. Nick goes crazy with the loss of his partner who was also his best friend. The police assume it was "some black guy" that killed the cop so they start bringing in random people off the streets.

The locals get enraged and uncontrollable riots roar through the streets. Eddie gets on the wrong side of the Italian mafia, which seems to have something to do with the murder. Eddie's girlfriend goes undercover and becomes close to Mickey Bravelli, the leader of the mafia. She gets too deep and great danger awaits her. Eddie can't take it and takes matters into his own hands. This book was amazing. Scott Flander outdid himself on bringing the characters to life and made the settings too real.

I felt like it was me at the wheel of the squad car with the radio crackling to life at my side. I enjoyed reading this book because it always kept me on edge and wondering whom the murderer is, I could not put it down. I would recommend this book to action/mystery seekers ages 13 and up because it was hard to understand and a bit confusing at points. You just have to make it through those parts because Sons of the City is definitely a must read.