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Coming of age during the turbulent 1960s, Tana Roberts dreams of having a successful career and is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve her goal, only to discover that she can have a life that includes a career, love, and peace of mind. Reissue. The book starts out in the early 1940's when a woman Jean and her husband are so very much in love and concive a baby, and her husband ends up having to go to war, and dies. Jean gives birth to her daughter Tana, who is the main character in this book. Tana grows up having very different political views and dating various men. Her mother Jean wants her to just marry and have children, while Tana wants to go and make something of her life. So she enrolls in school, meets this black girl named Sharon, and these were the time when there was still very heavey racisism. IT just goes on and on and on about everything, and nothing fun to read. She meets this man Named Harry Windslow, who is her best friend, and then Tana starts dating his dad, and all these other losers. And it just really gets me how she falls "so in love" with all these people, and she hardley knows them.