Free Download | Alluring Tales 1: Awaken the Fantasy | Sylvia Day

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Caira has spent years dreaming and fantasizing about the man with long dark hair whose portrait had been passed down in her family for generations. No man she's ever been out with has been able to compare to Zarek, even though she knows he's only a painting. While exploring a strange shop with an even stranger proprietor, Caira finds herself irresistibly drawn to a piece of antique jewelry called The Lovers Locket. The shop proprietor gives her the locket but warns her of the curse associated with it - if you recite the incantation etched into the silver locket, your true love will be revealed to you, but it comes with the price of the awakening of the Keeper of Darkness from his slumber. Disturbed by the similarity to a myth she was told as a child, Ciana decides to recite the incantation anyway.