Free Download | Anansi Boys | Neil Gaiman

This is billed as a sequel to _American Gods,_ but the only character in it from the earlier book is Mr. Nancy, the old black guy with the fedora and the yellow gloves, and he's dead, of a heart attack in the middle of a number at a karaoke bar. But Mr. Nancy -- Anansi -- you will remember, is a god, though a minor one. He's a storyteller, a songmaker, and, above all, a trickster. So maybe he's not really dead. Or not permanently. But the story is really about his son, Fat Charlie (who isn't fat at all, but when Anansi names something it stays named), and his son, Spider (charming and largely amoral), each of whom has inherited some of his father's talents. And it's about Rosie and her terrifying mother, and about Detective Constable Daisy, and about Grahame Coats, a dastardly criminal, and about the four old ladies who knew Mr. Nancy when they were young. Gaiman tells it all in rollicking good humor, though it gets somewhat darker as the narrative progresses. Not the heavy truths of _American Gods,_ just some smaller ones, but still important. A very pleasant afternoon's reading.