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Not because I think the information is secret or anything, just that I would hate to see one of my irresponsible associates mess it up. One of the first books by Dr.HaHa Lung I have purchased, I find it interesting and educational. The drawings are a little uh... well, the book makes up for them. Oh, and 2 things, if you were going to do anything in that book get Night Movements(the japanese/english translation), Art of War (the WAR not business or other BS association) and a decent medicinal anatomy book. You can learn more from those three than any NINJA book - or you can just get "Im An Idiot And Want To Be Shot In the Face - For Dummies". Secondly, if you think the Stephen Hayes' books are educational or more instructive - you dont need to buy the book in quotations above, you wrote it. So go ninja-hop off a cliff. or something.