Free Download | A Dark and Hungry God Arises : The Gap into Power (Gap Series, 3) | Stephen R. Donaldson

In the sequel to The Real Story and Forbidden Knowledge, a scheme unravels to reveal deeper schemes. By the author of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Reprint. Remember how the fairy-tale-ish The Hobbit morphed into a wide-lens The Lord of the Rings? Plots, counterplots, and intrigue galore await readers of the Gap saga, which is still picking up speed. Allusions to Wagner's The Ring Cycle in opening book The Real Story's afterword now become clear as Earth politicians, Holt "Dragon" Fasner, and the rest of the United Mining Company Police bureaucrats enter the fray. Morn and company still teeter between exhilaration and desperation.... even readers who don't care for action or space opera may enjoy a story with this forceful a meld of character, cabal, and adventure.