Free Download | Desperate Choices | Jeanette Cooper

A desire for freedom grows into an obsession, and Rochelle's need to escape triggers the most desperate goal of her life despite Tobias's dangerous threat to kill her if she tries to leave him. Freedom is worth the risk, and she devises a successful plan of escape. With three thousand miles separating Rochelle from her tormentor, life is never sweeter than when she falls in love with handsome, debonair Michael Matheson. Nothing but the fear of Tobias coming after her can disrupt her wonderful happiness more than when she opens her door to see Tobias standing there like some evil prodigy out of hell. Desperate Choices is an emotion packed drama filled with a young woman's powerful need to be completely free of an intolerable relationship with a man she despises. With the deadly threat of his retaliation hanging over her head and marring the near perfect paradise found with Michael, Rochelle knows there are only two things that will stop Tobias's domination and pursuit of her-her death or his.