Free Download | Haunted | Kelley Armstrong

"Haunted" marks a departure of sorts in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong in that the central character is a spirit/ghost. Eve Levine, who in her lifetime was a half-demon, half-witch, is also the mother of teen witch Savannah. Though Eve is now a ghost residing in the afterlife, she is very much still a fixture in her daughter's life, watching over her scrupulously. Eve is given the excruciating task of apprehending the Nix, a demonic figure that feeds off chaos and pain. The Nix has escaped the confines of hell and is now unleashing chaos in the world by possessing those who have the urge to kill and egging them on to indulge in their blood lust. Well, Eve's reservations about tackling this assignment is put aside when her beloved daughter Savannah becomes a target.