Free Download | His Scandal | Gayle Callen

Preceding the story, Sir Alexander Thornton spent ~2 years pretending to be his elder identical twin brother, while Spencer was in Spain spying for Queen Elizabeth (they didn't want anyone to know he was gone, so Alex pretended to be Spencer and every now and then reverted back to himself so that no one suspected either twin was missing). The role he played as Viscount Thornton was far different from that of the Viscount's scandalous younger brother, but Alex found himself surprisingly at ease - and happy - managing estates, exploring new and innovative engineering techniques for the farms, and writing bills in the House of Lords. Once his brother returns, however, he is relegated to the scandalous younger brother role again: society fawns at the heroism and courage displayed by Viscount Thornton, but Alex is looked down upon and somewhat shunned for having misled everyone; people who used to court his favor and listen to his opinion now no longer care to have anything to do with him.