Free Download | The Lady Most Likely | Julia Quinn

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This charming, lighthearted Regency, written in three parts by bestsellers Quinn (Ten Things I Love About You), James (A Kiss at Midnight), and Brockway (The Golden Season), delivers wit and heart with every page. Lady Carolyn Finchley hosts a house party to find a match for her horse-mad brother, Hugh Dunne, earl of Briarly. Hugh (who compares the season's top debutante to the "one foal that everyone thinks will breed a winner") and two other exceedingly eligible gents mingle with Miss Gwendolyn Passmore, who conceals awkwardness with arrogance; the straight-speaking Miss Katherine Peyton; and Hugh's recently widowed childhood friend Lady Georgina Sorrell. The romance's cheerful tone and key plot points carry through seamlessly as each author takes the reins, making three matches for the price of one.