Free Download | The Last Temptation of Christ | Nikos Kazantzakis

Jesus is really not a very likeable character in this book. He's really mean to his Mom--which I didn't appreciate. He won't even look at her or acknowledge her--he pretty much disowns her. And I can't understand why Jesus never heals Joseph, yet he heals that Roman's daughter--that seemed really cruel. Jesus is basically so self absorbed throughout the entire book. It's always, "me, me, me." He's desperate, and I mean whiny, falling on the knees on the verge of a tempter tantrum desperate to "find God"--too desperate for me to really relate to and his disciples--OMIGOD!! They are so annoying. They're whiney, shuffling sheep. Ugh...couldn't stand them. Judas is the most likeable of the bunch-which I found ironic--since he is generally thought of as the worst traitor ever.