Free Download | Master of the Game | Sidney Sheldon

This eBook traces the life of Kate Blackwell from the mines to the glory of the battles that she won; and the only one that she ever lost. Intrigue-filled in Sheldon's peculiar style of capturing vivid detail.

This is the first Sydney Sheldon novel I've read. You don't often find stories this enticing. I was hooked from the first page, a vivid scene of the 90-year old heroine surveying her life, her family, and ghosts of old mistakes come back to haunt her.

Despite its hefty length, this book kept me coming back for more, daydreaming at work about what would happen next, and staying up late at night to get to the next chapter.

I read it in just a few days even though with my schedule it usually takes me at least a week to finish a book.