Free Download | More Than Honor (Worlds of Honor #1) | David Weber

More Than Honor is a collection of short stories set in David Weber's Honorverse, or the universe of Weber's Honor Harrington series. This book contains three short stories and one essay, none of which are about Harrington herself, but provide lots of background information enhancing the reader's understanding of the Honerverse. The first story, Weber's A Beautiful Friendship, recounts the first contact between humans and treecats, and how the relationshihp between the two species developed. We learn much from this story about the 'cats and their culture. David Drake checks in with the next story, A Grand Tour, about Hakyon Nessler, who encounters some disreputable naval officers committing an act of piracy, and how he takes matters into his own hands in dealing with them. S.M. Stirling delivers the third story, A Whiff of Grapeshot, set on Haven.