Free Download | See Night Run | D. W. St. John

At 345 pages, Maggot Night is that rare animal-a story that informs and entertains. Brimming with facts about marijuana research and laws, it is an insiders view of the drug war and how it is fought. Told from the perspectives of enforcement officers and the suspects they arrest (with compassion for both), Maggot Night is a story that will touch readers deeply, while just maybe opening minds at the same time. The protagonist, Night Hume, an undercover INET (Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce) agent in Eugene, Oregon, has for three years lived the life of the street people in the drug culture he calls maggots (thus the title). His years undercover have cost him much-a home, a marriage, a daughter-yet, always the good soldier, he does his job. Assigned to buy from a college professor who sells to her students, he meets Ceredwen Lawrence-a most unlikely dealer. When, due to a misunderstanding and his own weakness, he rents a room in her home for himself and his teenage daughter, Night crosses his Rubicon.