Free Download | Stand Into Danger (The Bolitho Novels) (Vol 2) | Alexander Kent

Mr. Kent uses his fairly extensive knowledge of nautical terms and 18th century british naval life to weave a tale of ever devolving complexity in which every plot twist can be anticipated with a yawn or a scratch of the head. The 18 year old main character is a junior officer who seemingly succeeds at everything from defeating the captain of rival ships (in single combat) to winning the fair lady despite there being more experienced, successful and senior officers at hand. The cookie-cutter-stereotype cast of characters exist only to make 3rd Lt.

Bolitho have someone to interact with when he's not saving the ship. They seem to have no existence beyond this. Bolitho faces certain death on several occasions only to be inexplicably rescued by a sailor he befriended, time and time again. The plot makes no sense literally or historically and reads more like some mission of 007, ignoring both nautical tradition and british naval hierachy.