Free Download | Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) | Claudia Gray

The first book, "Evernight", was okay in opinion, a book worth renting from the library to read. This sequel, titled "Stargazer", outshone it's predecessor. This book took the events that had been laid down in a somewhat stilted way and ran away with story, plot and twists. I was completely shocked by how much I really enjoyed this book. Bianca, the heroine, really grew as a three-dimentional person. 

She is presented with some awful truths and acts like a typical teenager, which I'm very glad to have seen her go through. There was more sexual awakenings (though no sex outright)and more development in her relationships with those around her. The sub-plot was interesting too, because it presented a unique twist on the vampire genre. I think this book makes reading the first book well worth it, and I hope the next installment, titled "Hourglass", keeps the momentum rolling.