Free Download | Summer's Crossing | Julie Kagawa

The story is a page turner from beginning to end and a delightful read in Puck light and easy going voice. It allows you a look into this character that the other stories told from Meghan's point of view don't offer. You really feel the emotional battle within Puck and it leaves you guessing until the very end just what decision he will make. You couldn't completely blame him if he sold Ash out because it would eliminate his competition for Meghan's love, but at the same time he had years to proclaim his love and shouldn't have waited until Ash showed up to do so. Also if he really loves Meghan he should want her to be happy even if the person that makes her happy isn't him. Puck battles with the decision of what to do throughout the entire story and you can't help but feel for him. I really can't think of much negative to say about this story except that there just isn't enough of it. Being a novel reader, short stories just don't have the meat that I look for in a story. However if you love the Iron Fey series this isn't a title to be missed.