Free Download | Sword of Honour (The Bolitho Novels) | Alexander Kent

Well, it's not. There is still plenty of action in this story. While Dick Bolitho is sent back to England, it is only for a few weeks and then he is off again to command a squadron of frigates in the Mediteranan sea - chasing after pirates. This series has had to deal with many contortions lately to keep things goins and this book is no different - For instance, while Dick Bolitho (as a full Admiral no less!) is given command of a few frigates in Malta, a newly-hatched Commodore takes over Adam Bolitho's frigate squadron the active war zone of Halifax. Then, it is also hard to explain how come Read Admiral Keen is recalled from Halifax, and given the port admiral duties in Portsmouth AND promoted to a Vice Admiral without setting foot on a fighting ship again. And on, and on, and on.