Free Download | To the Stars | Harry Harrison

I've just re-read this book (for about the 12th time), and I felt I'd better pitch in my two-cents worth. Now this series is an excellent example of "typical" science fiction. You have the main protagonist who, after living blindly in a world where he was one of the priviledged, realizes what is going on around him and tries to fight the injustices of the world. Of course, he doesn't succeed, gets banished to a backwater planet, gets into trouble, barely survives, but becomes a leader in the "Great Rebellion", becomes a hero and saves the day. Like I said, typical, and predictable. What makes this series an excellent read is Harrison's ability to create characters with depth, and to weave the plot, predictable as it was, in a way which keeps the reader on the edge of his seat, cheering the good guys on. I keep coming back to this book from time to time just to re-visit the characters, and to enjoy a good old-fashioned adventure. This book is well worth the effort to dig it up.