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I have been reading in the area of Indian/Hindu/Buddhist literature for years and in my searches at Amazon for books like the Bhagavad Gita, Vasistha's Yoga, Shankara and other works mainly in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta philosophy, I kept seeing a bright yellow book, I Am That, by an author I had never heard of. I paid no attention but I kept thinking about how many reviews it had and how positive they were, so I did an Internet search and found a website that had it for a free Word download. I had just gotten an iPod, which I now love more than my wife, and downloaded I Am That onto it. A few pages into it I was hooked. The only works that I can compare this to is Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, Emerson, and maybe by beloved Plotinus, although Plotinus' style necessarily lacks the personal punch of Sri Nisargadatta. When I go to lunch I pull out my iPod (I eat lunch alone since I am living in Thailand and I guess no one wants to try to speak English with me)and read a few pages of I AM That propped up against the salt shaker. This book is SO REFRESHING. When you read Seth Speaks, whatever you think of the characterization of the source of the material, it just seems to ring true; the same for Emerson. And the same for Sri Nisargadatta.

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