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It's not often that books about personal productivity are written by people who have genuine scientific knowledge about the way the human mind works.
Even less often that they are written in a way that you can easily understand and immediately implement. The book you hold in your hands fits that bill and I can count on one hand the books in the world that do. Among them, however, this book is the most scientific. Being a close personal friend of Kevin's, it's easy to forget that he is one of the most accomplished men alive in the field of human psychology. He's far too humble to wear that on his sleeve.

You'll forget that, too, as you read this book. It's so easy and accessible you'll forget it was written by one of the greatest minds alive. And I mean that in the best way possible. Great writing does not call attention to itself or impress you with the author's knowledge - instead it does something far more important: it brings out the greatness in you that has been waiting there all along. This is one of those books and I won't waste another moment of your time with this foreword. That time will be far better spent getting started. So, let's do that now ...