Free Download | Grandparents, Grandchildren and the Generation in Between | Gay Ochiltree

Becoming a grandparent is something that most people look forward to when the time comes. Some grandparents have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with their grandchildren, some are expected to do too much, some have to bring up their grandchildren when the parents are incapable of doing so, and some grandparents lose touch with grandchildren after the separation and divorce of the parents. 

Being a grandparent often means being part of a relationship in which others set the rules and expectations. 'Grandparents, Grandchildren and the Generation in Between' clearly sets out the major issues involved in being a grandparent today. This title examines: 

The role of the contemporary grandparent; Child care, babysitting and time with grandchildren; Grandparents bringing up grandchildren; Grandchildren after divorce and remarriage; Diversity and challenge; and, Child development and parenting.