Free Download | How Good People Make Tough Choices: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living | Rushworth M. Kidder

I was assigned this book for an Leadership Ethics class that is part of my current MBA program. This was actually one of 5 books we were assigned on the topics of leadership and ethics and this was by far my favorite.

I find that the ethical dillemmas presented by the author are clear and help drive home his point. This book is not about choosing between RIGHT and WRONG. This book is about how as a leader and manager you may be forced to choose between RIGHT and RIGHT what kidder is calling the ethical dillemma.

Kidder provides some techniques to work through ethical dillemas and talks about how to categorize them. The information in this book has stuck with me during the past year. I can't even remember the other books we were asked to read. May be a bit simplistic for some, but I think this is good general purpose leadership and ethics reading for the masses.