Free Download | The SHOW IT LOVE Workout: A 3-Step Plan for a Stronger, Leaner You | Kacy Duke, Selene Yeager

No goal is unattainable when you follow the revolutionary, three-part plan designed by celebrity trainer Kacy Duke. Achieve the lean, strong body you've always dreamed of while also learning to show some love for the thighs and hips that have taken you this far in life. Using Kacy's “I Am (the mind-set), I Can (the motivation), and I Do (the movement)” approach, you will be able to:

I love the way Kacy brings out that you must love yourself as you are, then work on becoming the person you want to be, a stronger, healthier, thinner person. The workouts are great, just challenging enough to give you a good workout but the best part of the book, in my opinion, is the attention she gives to your inner health and happiness. I found this book soon after reading "The Secret" and I truly believe I was led to it, since I was looking for a workout and book just like this in my quest to gain health. Read it, use it, it will change your life.