Free Download | Signs and Wonders (Harmony Novels) | Philip Gulley

Pastor Sam Gardner is back with his quirky Quaker flock. As usual Dale Hinshaw is full of schemes to spread the Gospel. This time he has given up on Scripture eggs and is now sending Salvation Balloons which are strategically aimed at liberals and unsaved people. Sam encounters problems in his own household when he and his wife can't agree on a vacation spot and the parishioners argue over everything from putting in a new furnace to who to include in the ladies' celebrity quilt. With his usual gentle humor, Philip Gulley brings to life the colorful and quirky characters of Harmony, Indiana, much to the readers' delight!

If you have not read The Harmony Series yet, you better pour that cup of coffee or tea and dig in! You will not be able to put it down until your neck is sore and your back hurts, and you are completely blurry eyed. It is almost as good as getting to the bottom of a cornetto ice cream cone!