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This book presents the internationally acclaimed account of Robyn Davidson's epic journey across seventeen thousand miles of Australian desert and bush with four camels and a dog. '

A strong, salty fresh book by an original and individual young woman...This will rank among the best of the books of exploration and travel and, like them, is a record of self-discovery and self-proving' - Doris Lessing. '

As eccentric, undisciplined, flashily brilliant and pig-headed as its author...Ms Davidson is a born writer, her book deeply moving' - "Daily Telegraph". 'An absorbing record of human endeavour and courage, a vivid picture of an extraordinary country by a perspective and sensitive observer, and the story of an inner journey, of 'shedding burdens" - "Sydney Morning Herald". '

It gets to the heart of landscape and solitude and becomes a venture to the interior of more than one dimension as its author approaches the hinterland of her own thorny psyche' - "Observer".