Free Download | Auschwitz (Graphic Novel) | Pascal Croci

Auschwitz is a black-and-white documentary in comic form, that portrays the reality of the Holocaust, inspired by the testimonies of survivors of the Auschwitz camp. This is the first realistic comic about the "Shoah", a moving account directly inspired by testimonies of survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The author seeks to raise awareness among the new generations that the victims of Nazism will never be forgotten. 

It is an impressive work, one example is in the text of the first page: At the beginning of our era, Christians had said: "You can not live among us as Jews." In the early Middle Ages, the secular chiefs decided: "You can not continue to live among us." Finally, the Nazis decreed: "You can not live." 

In this edition, after the novel itself, are twelve pages which include an interview with the author, Pascal Croci, sketches, glossary, sources, acknowledgments and most interesting of all, two pages devoted to the three main witnesses : Renée Eskenazi, Charles Baron and Kazimir Kac.