Free Download | Child of Fire: A Twenty Palaces Novel | Harry Connolly

"Child of Fire" is an unconventional fantasy story about modern day magicians who are searching for those who abuse the use magic. The two heroes of the story, Ray and Annalise, are magicians of differing magical talent who are charged by the Twenty Palace Society to search out these offenders and take them out. Ray is in service to Annalise, who hates him and wishes to kill him for killing her friend. But they work together in an uncomfortable alliance, obeying orders, with the full knowledge that he is a dead man as soon as she gets her chance.

Overall this book was moderately entertaining. The tale was simply told, and the various ideas throughout the book ranged from interesting to weird. The worms that would appear when children would die were a bit strange. There wasn't enough explanation for these things, for my taste. There really wasn't anything in this book that just grabbed me and compelled me to finish the book. All in all, it was an average book - a mildly entertaining read.