Free Download | Isis & Osiris: To the Ends of the Earth (Graphic Myths and Legends) | Jeff Limke

Osiris is the greatest king and god of the Land of the Nile. He is a generous ruler, and the people love and worship him--along with his wife and queen, the goddess Isis. But Osiris's jealous brother Set has a terrible plan to get rid of Osiris forever and take his place on the Egyptian throne. Will Egypt suffer under an evil tyrant? Or can Isis use her magic and her love to save Osiris and conquer Set?

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I stumbled across it in the library, but given that it was an actual children's book about ancient Gods and Goddesses, I was just happy to find ANYTHING that dealt with that subject matter. Graphic novel..? Uhm... okay... I normally don't read graphic novels or read them to my daughter, so this was out of character for me.

I was so pleasantly surprised. The author has done his research. I was fairly familiar with the mythology surrounding Isis already, but even I learned a few new things. The way the stories are told breathe life into them and I expect they would awaken a child's interest much more readily than some of the drab retellings out there. And for those of you who really know your Isis/Osiris mythology, the author neatly avoids explaining WHICH part Isis wasn't able to find. So no awkward unplanned-for discussions about anatomy, if your child (or you- you know who you are!) isn't/aren't ready for that just yet. I imagine that would be a concern for some people more than others, but hopefully I can put your mind at rest if this matters to you.