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Naya Nagar Basa Liya Hum Ne
Naya Nagar Basa Liya Hum Ne (نیا نگر بسا لیا ہم نے) is Qaiser Saleem’s (قیصر سلیم) ninth novel. The printed novel is 176 pages long. Kindle edition is 201 pages long. The author belongs to the class of storywriters who are able to simultaneously express traditionalism and modernism and this novel also possesses these virtues. This story is fictional but the characters and the settings are so realistic that it feels like a true story. All the characters are deeply engraved in their roles that a slight deviation from their roles would make this story lifeless. The central character of this story is a singer named Naila Aymen. The writer has described her role in such details that it is only possible with great knowledge of music and life of a stage performer. Without such knowledge it is impossible to do justification with the character and the role of Naila Aymen in this story. The singer’s story is one of love and revolves around two families. When Naila sees her childhood friend Kaifee Kiyani after ages, she falls in love and unrobes her self-erected persona…. The dialogues delivered by Mariam, Kaifee Kiyani, and Fakhera opens up many layers and colors. Subtly through these characters, the story of Pakistan is told and then through them an exemplary Pakistan is envisioned.

As the name of this novel suggests that the writer has conceived a new world, it also exhibits that the writer is fed up with the present situation of the world. This novel grieves on the erosion of our values and traditions, but it also awakens hope. It invites us towards the formation of a society in which there is no role of criminals, terrorists, robbers, and politicians. It proposes a place where people don’t fall for evil, but if they do they can resolve it among themselves. This novel has presented a city where with planning the inhabitants have relieved themselves from the troubles that were swamping them.

Perhaps there may be a city somewhere in the world where there are no terrorists capering the city, no face changing politicians impersonating as leaders, no selfish, immoral, and distressed people. The writer has envisioned a place far from the inanity, brutality, distress, terror, and deception. The writer also gives the guidelines to the people of struggling Pakistan on how to realize such a place which leads to peace and prosperity with dignity. The beauty of this novel is that all these ideas move elegantly with the story in a manner that does not feel like that the author is preaching or campaigning.

Before the writer begins the story, he blatantly expresses his views on the current situation of Pakistan in Hal Giya Ahewal Giya (حال گیا احوال گیا) and opens up a debate on the role of democracy.

Naya Nagar Basa Liya Hum Ne (نیا نگر بسا لیا ہم نے) is a successful novel and full of effects (تاثرات) that takes the reader out of the darkness of hopelessness and brings them to the light of optimism.

Download : Naya Nagar Basa Liya Hum Ne