Download The Devil's Deep [Kindle Edition] by Michael Wallace

The Devil's Deep

A man in law school, a social worker, a home for people with no hope of being rehabilitated, a family torn apart by money and a devious doctor with hopes of regaining his past glory, give the author a great palette upon which to paint an awesome page turner.

Wes Pilson has a twin brother, Eric, who is retarded due to lack of oxygen at birth. Eric had some bruises and Wes, a law student specializing in medical law, signs on to work at the Riverwood Institution to check on the conditions there. Wes is confronted by two workers concerned over the disappearance of one of their friends and enlist Wes to help them find out what happened. Wes enlists the help of Becca, a hospital administrator/social worker. Soon they are embroiled in a life or death match that begins to uncover family secrets long buried but never forgotten and takes them to Costa Rica and back.

This is a well written book with marvelous characters - some good/some really bad - and they tell a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat with each additional page. This is one of those rare books where you want to tell the world you can't do anything until you finish it.

If you enjoy a pure adventure, I highly recommend this book.