Download : On the Island [Kindle Edition] by Tracey Garvis-Graves

On the Island
5 stars is a rarity for me. When I 5 star something, trust me that you can take it to the bank. I found this book on the romance forum as a recommendation for older heroine/younger hero. The age gap made me balk for a minute but after reading the sample I couldn't resist the pull of this book. There wasn't ONE THING I disliked in this book. Not a single thing. It was all around, 100%, grade A PERFECTION. The hero is perfect. The heroine is perfect. They are human and flawed and make mistakes but when I say they're perfect, I mean that I really LOVED them as characters, as people. It's rare to read a character that's genuinely good. Inherently good with nothing to dislike about them. I don't even need to give a summary of this book because the written summary already tells exactly what it's about and I don't want to spoil this goodness. It's long but it's so perfect. The characters are fleshed out, their time on the island is fully developed and you truly get to know T.J. and Anna. After a few pages, it almost stops being a book and becomes a movie.
The author was meticulous descriptive and it was as if you could literally SEE them on this island. SEE what they were doing and it was wonderful. There was a small bit of continuity error on the timeline of the island. They were on it technically 3 years but at least twice it was said they were there for 4 years. The land in early June 2001. In June 2002, that's 1 year. In June 2003, that's 2 years. In June 2004, that's 3 years. They get rescued at the end of 2004. So that's 3 years and 6 months. Almost an even 3yrs,6mos. But that's so tiny and considering all they go through it DOES feel like they were there longer. The reviewer Kate was right, a 5 star book is one you can't stop thinking about and that's completely true. On The Island is a book you will NOT be able to stop thinking about.