Download Will and a Way (Language of Love #34) by Nora Roberts

Will and a Way (Language of Love #34)
I liked the hero, but the heroine was . . . puzzling. I found a disconnect between her personality, her lifestyle and her history. Obviously, characterizations in books this short tend more to thumbnail sketches, but it still didn't make sense to me. She has nothing but good to say about her parents (she "adores" them), but there is no mention in six months that she even talked to them. Didn't tell them about inheriting millions, didn't tell them that she moved, or even called them at Christmas. As a matter of fact, there is no mention that she told ANYBODY in her personal life ANYTHING. There are several minor comments regarding the other people in the hero's life, but nada for the heroine. Why? Also, where did all her excessive caution come from? It doesn't fit for a character that is described as always getting her way, and expecting to do so.

One thing struck me as funny: twenty years ago, I rememember the $150 million as unimaginable. If Roberts were writing this book today, she probably would have made it a billion dollar inheritance!