The Trunk Key (Kindle Single) [Kindle Edition] by Carolyn Nash

The Trunk Key (Kindle Single)
Sometimes our fate hinges on a single moment, a split-second decision that changes the course of our life irrevocably. In her debut novella The Trunk Key, Carolyn Nash pinpoints such a moment and weaves the fast-moving story of suspense that follows. It opens on a scene of quotidian suburban life: middle-aged Jennifer Canfield's harried morning visit to "Donut World." But on her drive, Jennifer's day ends up swerving in an unforeseen direction, and ends up on a terrifying chase that leads from the wide boulevards of town to the dusty, empty outskirts of the Central Valley. Along the highways and dirt roads, California's sloping, sun-drenched hills form such a vivid and persistent presence they seem a protective force against the enemies that Jennifer will be forced to battle--both outside of and inside of herself--before the day is out. It's rare that a newcomer to the suspense genre appears so fully formed, showcasing characters so rich and complex. At heart, the real journey Jennifer takes here is psychological, and her quiet yet significant triumphs will keep readers with her until the very last word.

I read this book in one sitting. While it's a fast read, it is not an easy one. There is a depth to the story that, while unspoken in words, is breathed into the spirit as the layers of the story fold back. The main characters are all likeable people, except, of course, the bad guy. One thing that stood out to me was the author's handling of the bad guy. Although he is present, not much time is wasted in delving into who he is, which in the end seems to make him that much more evil.

The story is one of a kidnapping, the chase, the wounded soul of the protagonist, and her unlikely partner in rescue. I fully enjoyed the book. It made for a great Sunday afternoon read.

Thanks go out to the author, Carolyn Nash, for such a good story. She has written another book, Raising Abel, which I also intend to read.