Download : Fighting Ruben Wolfe [Paperback] by Markus Zusak

Fighting Ruben Wolfe
What a pleasure it was to finally get to read Zusak's first novel, the prequel to GETTING THE GIRL. The Wolfe family is just barely making it. Dad's trying to recover from an accident at work and needs to find work or he'll have to go on the dole (welfare). 

Mom's working hard and doing the best she can. Rumors are flooding the school that their sister Sarah has been "getting around." Ruben and Cameron have done nothing but lose at the dog races.

When Dad starts going door to door to beg for work, the boys resolve to do something, anything to redeem their pride and hide their embarrassment.

 Ruben gets in a fight at school, and just like that an underground boxing league agent asks both of the boys if they want in -- $50 for a win, tips for a loss. 

Before long, the money isn't an issue anymore. It's about pride. Dignity. Self-worth. It's about fighting for something instead of rolling over and letting life kick you again while you're down. It's about getting up. Again. Again. Again. Because at some point you have to own up to what and who you are. And it's about brothers. Because if there's one thing they'll always be, it's that.