Free Download | Your Wicked Ways | Eloisa James Novel

I love historical romance, but find perfect (or marital harmony) between relative strangers to be jarringly unrealistic. Helene and Rees are immature virgins when they elope. Although they are actually very well matched, they make a mess of things because they don't have the wisdom or experience a good marriage requires. Helene is hyper-critical, and blames Rees for all her negative feelings instead of trying to figure out what's really going on. It is so enjoyable watching her learn how to be a true friend from Esmee, devote herself to using her musical talent, and discover that she is uniquely beautiful. Once she knows herself better, and goes after her priorities, her confidence soars. Then, she's ready to discover the pleasures of her body, and finally, fall in love with her husband on a much deeper level. Rees has no relationship skills, has not become his own man due to baggage from his father, and is realistically clueless on how to please a woman in bed. Add to this, his low self-esteem and tendency to shut out everything except his work, and he has a long way to go.