Free Donwload | Signal-Close Action! (The Bolitho Novels) (Vol 12) | Alexander Kent

Bolitho assumes command of a squadron that is surprisingly populated by most all of the characters that have survived the previous eleven novels. The Captains of the 74 gun ship of the line are Thomas Herrick (Bolitho's closes friend), Charles Farquhar (who was a Lieutenant under Bolitho), Charles Probyn (served as a Lieutenant senior to Bolitho), Inch (was a midshipman in one of Bolitho's ships), etc. In addition, Adam Pascoe, Bolitho's nephew is on the flagship serving as a Lieutenant. I suppose the British navy of that time was quite closely knit, and perhaps it was not surprising to have all the senior officers having served with one another in the past, but it seemed too convenient and pat to me.