Free Download | Command a King's Ship (The Bolitho Novels) (Vol 6) | Alexander Kent

Well, the American Revolution is over the French Revolutionary Wars have not begun yet, so, what to do with our hero? Well, send him off to the East Indies to protect the interests of the Honourable Company. Bolitho is in command of a ship on a 'secret' mission. On the way to the Indies, he has to stop off in Africa for water, where he naturally has it out with some natives. After a short stop in India, it's off to the Indies, where he battles the French and pirates. It's all a lot of fun. Great adventure and action. One problem, though; as another reviewer wrote "I had trouble visualizing the ship maneuvres relative to land. Action proceeds and suddenly there's land or a channel where I didn't expect it, or on the opposite side from where I imagined it." I had exactly the same problem. It was really hard to imagine the lay-out of the land. I had this problem no matter where Bolitho was--Africa or the Indies. So, it made following the story a bit difficult.