Free Download | The One Tree (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 2) | Stephen R. Donaldson

Even whiny Linden could not slow this book down. Although not much gets accomplished to further the story line, the book does flow with non-stop action. The questers are besieged with one peril after another. Typical of other books of the series the good guys manage to scrape by, but only after death and loss, and they end up worse off than they began. The entire series is somewhat depressing as every small triumph is offset by a larger failure. At least Covenant is struck by a form of paralysis early in the story and so we don't have to hear him moan. Unfortunately, Linden is still around to fret, cry, whine, and hesitate in Covenants stead. Even with all of this there is plenty of action and surprises to keep the reader turning pages.