Free Download | The Wounded Land (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 1) | Stephen R. Donaldson

One thing that I really hate about the whole series is the Ravers. Donaldson has created 3 immortal evil beings that keep coming back time after time. When their host is killed they simply take over some other creature or person. I hate it when a super powerful creature, weapon, form of magic, etc. is created in a story, then can't really be put into full use, because it's use would obviously end the story. Face it, if the Ravers really wanted Covenant dead he would have died in book one. They could take over one of his companions easily enough and cut off his head and his stupid ring finger while he slept. The all powerful Ravers appeared time and again in this story in various forms taking Covenant to the brink of death time and again only to back off instead of easily finishing him off. Why? The only reason is so that the series can continue to another book.